Ten weeks of SuperNova

Today the Quick Lookup founder team will finish the ten week startup accelerator, Super Nova. This is a short story about our journey

Ten weeks of SuperNova

Today the Quick Lookup founder team will finish the ten week startup accelerator, Super Nova.

This will be a short summary post about our journey this summer, the mentors we had, fun images and a live link to the investor day presentations thats today (28. August).

But first off some details, the investor day presentation will start at 13:00 (1 PM) GMT and will be broadcasted live on the front page of Vísir 👈. Hope to see you all there!

The Startup SuperNova program

This was my first accelerator and boy did it not disappoint 🚀!

Although we had more online events than in the years before we have been super lucky here in Iceland with the Covid-19 🦠 situation and have mostly been able to meet up in person and attend seminars and workshops.

We are super grateful to the Supernova team for their preparation, follow-ups and just being there for us through this time 💖. I can personally recommend this accelerator to everybody willing and able to participate.

Now is the time for creating a startup!

So what did the team get out of these ten weeks?

Not only did we gather wealth of knowledge on how to start a new company but also how to create things like Lean Canvas, Customer Journey maps,User Personas and to use Design Thinking to make our product better. And this is just to name a few!

But these ten weeks were also a fabulous time for us as a team. A time to get to know each other better.

There are now things I know about my colleagues such as

  • who probably as an addiction problem with green pistachio ice cream 🍦
  • who is able to NOT eat for fourteen days 😱
  • who used to own the same scrap-medal car as I do right now
  • who wake up around six in the morning
  • who gets hangry (very) easily 🤣
  • and so much more!

The knowledge and the comradery created during these ten weeks, will follow us right into the dark Icelandic winter ❄️ and surly out of it next spring 🌷 with something awesome for you to try out (if you want to be the first one to try it out you should sign-up 👇 😉)

Back to our great summer 🌞!

Here below we have a short video on our summer journey in Bragginn, where we stayed almost the entire time (big hall and great food next door). If there would be any prices 🏆 handed out (sadly there are not 😄) we would probably get the one for best attendance!

This video could have been so much longer since I took my documenting role very seriously and took a lot of photos

Awesome mentors

Through out this time we had some brilliant mentors,great presenters and even few surprise visitors.

Here are just few of the mentors we got the privilege of meeting

Thanks to you all 💗!

We also had at least two surprise visitors that, I personally, had a great pleasure talking to.

Kevin Laws CEO AngelList came and shared a wealth of information to with us. He just moved temporarily to Iceland with his family. Really enjoyable session.

Then we had David Helgasson, the founder of Unity (that just anounced its IPO 2 days ago). Lets say I was little bit starstruck 🤩 since Unity is created in my personal technology stack, .net/C#. It didn't hurt that I sat next to him in a circle discussions. A really nice guy!

Yes everybody we met were super helpful and ready to give us every ounce of advice they had.

Outside of the team learning to work together, the feedback from the mentor sessions were the best part for me.

What lies ahead?

Since we got avarded some grant money yesterday we have a little runway that we will spend iterating on our product offering. We will be doing that in the new beautiful startup space Gróska. Just look at the images. Stunning place right?

This was super fun but now we have a lot of work ahead of us. Look forward seing you arround. Please reach out if you have any questions or better yet subscribe to our newsletter 👇

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