OK sorry for that click bait 🙊! But it's still true... it's just that the amount is in ISK not dollars 😎 hey you got to start somewhere.

Just quickly on the image for this post, it is supposed to represent that by having raised money we need to work hard but also celebrate all the victories, like this one is!

So money 💰

The The Icelandic Centre for Research (rannís) granted us 50 million ISK over two years to work on Quick Lookup.


There were 883 applications this year, which is an 40% increase from last year and we were one of the 8% that got accepted 😲.

Outside of us only 9 other ideas got the grant from Vöxtur grant we applied for.

To say the least, we are extremely happy with this 🥳 result!

👆 Loading the grant page was especially nerve racking as you can see. Stebbi (at the computer) said out loud "damn..we didn't get the grant and Ingi walked off. But I was pretty sure I had read our names in there and corrected them and everything went wild! 😂

What does that mean for us?

This simply means that we have a runway to work with for some time now.

And that is great because we have been working for equity since last March, with this being part of the first paycheck.

Yes thats correct! Our believe in this concept is so great that we just worked together full time without pay for almost half a year!

It will be a joy working with the team on the next chapter in the Quick Lookup Saga so please stay tuned and subscribe below

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