Last years start-up reflection and what's to come at my new company Quick Lookup

Little bit on my personal start-up history and my latest data service company Quick Lookup

Last years start-up reflection and what's to come at my new company Quick Lookup

In this post I'll diverge somewhat from the technical blog posts I have been writing and will be talking lightly about what I have been up this last year and what's in front of me.

Historical intro to me, the entrepreneur

Ever since I was a small boy (before I turned ten years old) I have had dreams about being self-employed with my own business.

My dad probably influences the reason, but throughout his lifetime (he passed away ten years ago) he founded many companies and started many ventures into all kinds of things.

It's obvious that the people around you have the greatest influence on what you become. It's a potent message and a good thought exercise to think about how your thinking and actions may affect people around you, whether that be your family or colleagues.

I have always had a creative mind, coming up with endless ideas about some venture or other. I have endless lists of ideas that I write down when lightning strikes.

But what have I done? Any success?

Maybe not a lot in the startup space all though I have tried... Why is that?

I personally think the reason has been a lack of like-minded teammates, sorry to say.

I came early on to realize that you just can't do anything (worth doing) on your own. You need partners to bounce ideas off of, you need extra hands for programming, marketing, selling and all the myriad of things that need to happen for you to be successful.

But I have never really had people around me with the same burning mindset to do something more that nine-to-five work.

Everybody I know have just been content to be "safe" and collect their paycheck. I really like the phrase golden handcuffs for that somewhat imaginary "safety". Everybody can lose their job!

And believe me! I have tried quite a few partnerships. They have almost all broken down because of a lack of passion and commitment.

So last year I had almost given up hope of ever finding somebody like-minded!

My first company, Mavericks Solutions

Then two years ago I was reunited at work with an old acquaintance of mine from my home town, and we started right off the bat thinking of stuff to create on the side.

We tried a few things and liked each other that much personally and working together that we ended upon creating our own company and go into business. A huge first milestone and accomplishment for me!

My first company!! 🥳

Mavericks Solutions

The name and icon are very American, but our first customer was also American so it all played well together.

For the first time, I had found a like-minded partner that was awesome to work with and had the same passion as me to do great things on our own.

But sadly that story did not have a happy ending.

The company was based around our product TommyRes witch is a system for the flight industry, and we had one customer that screwed us over 😢 so we were without paychecks when Covid-19 hit.

And as you can imagine, no chance of finding any other customers in that landscape. All flight grounded and airlines going out of business left and right.

That left me with two options

  • finding a 9-5 job
  • or create something else and stay self-employed

After having tried to be my own boss, there was no way I was going to choose the first one without a fight!

So I started creating a mobile application that teaches young children to do math 🎓 as well as joining 2 startup groups that were trying to get something off the ground (both eventually stalled).

My daughter Andrea was the driving force of the app (80% finished), but she is in her third year in elementary school. The reason the app is not finished is that she really didn't need it because of her knack for math.

Now the apps only chance is really her younger brothers! I have one year to finish it before he starts school 🙃.

Here are my two future mathematicians, Ingólfur Arnar and Andrea Eva ❤️

andrea and ingolfur

My second company, Quick Lookup

At the end of April, I had submitted business plans to every possible relevant fund I could find but because of Covid-19 😷 the competition was fierce! Lot more money given out by the funds has meant a surge of applicants for these funds.

So things were starting to look bleak, and I had promised my wife that I would start looking at some 9-5 work no later than next August.

The two startup groups dissolved and like we say in Icelandic "nú voru góð ráð dýr" (or directly translated with google "Now, good advice is expensive" 🤪)

But then like always (yes I both believe and experience this every single time) a new door opened!

And what a door!

I was offered to co-found and participate in one of the most interesting data startup in resent years, Quick Lookup

Quick Lookup

Not only is the idea novel (please sign up at the bottom for more 😉), the team is awesome. Not only a set of super experienced experts in their respected field but also all-around awesome people!

For the next ten weeks we will be participating in the Startup SuperNova business accelerator

I'll probably blog a few times about that journey before moving back to technology.

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