My new keyboard

My new keyboard

I just got a new version of a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard/mouse. The keyboard and the mouse come as a pair where you can´t opt-out to just the keyboard.

The keyboard

It's called Sculpt Ergonomic Desctop and I'm loving it! I might be to quick to judge since I only got it to day. I have the older model ,Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, at home and I realy like it. It´s hard to compair them to each other but this model instantly feels very nice.


I might need to change this review after trying the one at home. I'll let you know tomorrow.

The mouse

The mouse is a totally different animal. I don´t like it that much.

The mouse is a big ball with a curved in "valley" for my thumb that really does not accommodate my slouching style of sitting. In the way I sit the thumb does´t really sit in the "valley".


Another thing I don´t like with the mouse is that it has a back button and a windows (?) button that is located above the thumb. So to click them I need to lift up my thumb and move it sideways. That is just totally strange. Why the did´t put the buttons below the thumb is beyond me.


Bottom line is that I really like the keyboard not the mouse. It would be nice to be able to buy the keyboard separately but I did´t buy it my self my new employee did. But more on that later and what I´m doing at the new work.