The Lost Domain

The Lost Domain
Image created by DALL-E and Microsoft Designer

In case you've noticed the eerie quietness on this platform for the past two years, it's due to a simple, albeit frustrating, reason: I lost access to my domain, A lapse in my email monitoring resulted in me missing crucial notifications about the need to renew the domain. Consequently, someone else seized control of the domain, intending to exploit the situation for profit.

Guided by my principles, I refused to comply with their unreasonable demands, nor did I hastily look for an alternative domain. This incident became an unexpected test of patience and resolve.

After a wait of two years, I finally retrieved my domain two weeks ago. I'm now gearing up to share an account of the events that unfolded during this silent period, and there are plans for several technical blogs in the pipeline.

So I´m back! With the domain now set to auto-renewal, my digital presence won't be easily disrupted again.

Continue to monitor this space for future updates!